Niels + Annika’s // Kitchi Gammi Club Wedding

Originally posted: Niels + Annika’s // Kitchi Gammi Club Wedding from Wild Booth photobooth services or continue reading below.

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A wild night at the Kitchi Gammi Club Wedding

Niels & Annika had an amazing wedding reception at the Kitchi Gammi Club, and while rain caused some of the plans to be shifted (like the dance being moved inside, and the Wild Booth needing to set up in a different room)… everyone had a blast!


Grandma & Grandpa got in the photo booth and proved you’re never too old to get a little Wild!

Kitchi Gammi Club Wedding Photo Booth;


The aftermath of the party: Our prop table became a mess!!

fun photo booth props


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Original post here: Niels + Annika’s // Kitchi Gammi Club Wedding

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